New WhatsApp Feature Causing ‘Absolute Havoc’ In Group Chats


WhatsApp has made an update to their software and it’s causing all kinds of madness that can only be had on a group messaging app. No, not that kind, naughty…

They’ve started to allow users to ‘dismiss’ administrators of group chats.

I’ve only ever belonged to group chats for work things and stag parties, so I’m not entirely sure what magical powers this will bestow onto people other than a) your P45 is on your desk or b) yeah, mate, maybe we won’t see you in June.

You lot are a creative bunch, so I’m sure you’ll see what benefits can be had from the news I’m about to give.

The Independent reports the app has a new ‘Dismiss as Admin’ feature that lets you demote group admins and take control of group chats.

If you pull this silver sh*tty bullet on someone you’ll revoke their privileges and they’ll become bog standard member of your convo. Life changing, eh.


But then if you then become an admin of a group you have the power to remove someone from a conversation.

So that’s basically revolution on the cards.

The feature is available in the beta version of Whatsapp for Android, and you can sign up to it here.

Go wild you crazy things.