New Wireless Technology Can See Through Walls


It’s the kind of stuff that you see in sci-fi films of yesteryear, but something better than X-ray vision could soon become a reality.

Researchers at MIT have developed WiFi technology that can see through walls. How awesome is that!? The new device called RF-Capture captures movement and reconstructs the image by analysing its reflection from the signals- similar to what is used by firefighters in house fires.

This new technological doesn’t require you to wear any ridiculous sensor thing either, and it can tell the difference between many unseen people by transmitting wireless signals through physical objects. This device can currently distinguish between 15 people with almost 90 per cent accuracy.


Users are now scrambling to see in what way this new tech can be used and apparently there’s loads of stuff it can do.

In a statement, MIT professor Dina Katabi said:

We’re working to turn this technology into an in-home device that can call 911 if it detects that a family member has fallen unconscious. You could also imagine it being used to operate your lights and TVs, or to adjust your heating by monitoring where you are in the house.

And for those who love film or a bit of gaming, it can be used there too. Motion capture could be used to track actors’ movements and it could create new gamer interfaces miles more advanced then the likes of Nintendo Wii.

Exciting times!