Nike And Zeiss Created A Pair Of Sunglasses And It’s Insane

Nike WingNike

For the 2016 Olympics, Nike teamed up with VSP Global and Zeiss to create a pair of sunglasses that costs $1,200.

Called the Nike Wing, they’re not your average pair of sunglasses and offers nothing techie like AR or VR. As the name suggests, it’s basically designed for elite athletes taking part at this year’s Olympics in Rio, to enable better performance.

The Nike Wing is the Ferrari of Sunglasses

Nike WingNike

The Wing features a lightweight frame, and at just 26 grams, the user should barely feel anything on their face.  As a professional runner, every little helps to enable you to run faster and the Wing has various cuts strategically designed to enhance aerodynamic flow.

Nike worked VSP Global and Zeiss to get the job done in 20 months using rapid 3D prototyping. The Wing features an adaptable silicone nosepiece and a back band for a comfortable, secure, and moisture-resistant fit. A ventilated silicone brow-bar is also added to allow maximum airflow and reduce fogging.

Nike WingNike Wing

There’s also Nike’s Speed Tint used to reduce glare while allowing all red light to enter the eye, delivering a calming effect on the body in the process.  If the Wing actually does what it says on the tin, we don’t know, but knowing Nike and Zeiss, they wouldn’t have taken this lightly.

Don’t get to excited tho, the Wing sunglasses or sun shades are available now on Nike’s website for $1,200 or just over £900 in the UK when converted.  Besides the heavy pricing, it’s clear that the Wing was not designed for the everyday person, but for elite athletes – inspired by the Olympics.