No One Can Spot The Bentley In This 57.7 Billion Pixel Image Of Dubai


The car manufacturer Bentley has released a stunning gigapixel photo of Dubai but can you find the super car they’ve found in the picture? 

Bentley placed a camera on one of Dubai’s tallest buildings to capture 57.7 billion pixels image made up of 1,825 individual frames which were then electronically put together, The Driver reports.

It wasn’t as simple as just taking a photo though, the camera had to cope with  40° C heat that created a haze and 25 km/h winds which threatened the image’s stability so they went to NASA for the tech to take the picture.


It took 48 hours to take the interactive image and downloading the image took 18 hours.

If you zoom in on the image however you’ll find a secret surprise, a hidden a Bentley Flying Spur W12 S parked at the marina. In fact the image is so deatailed you can zoom in on the car’s badge and read it despite the camera being 264 metres up in the air.

Can you see the car?


How about now?


There it is!


Such detail!


This isn’t the first time Bentley have done something like this, they created a 53 billion pixel image of the Muslanne on Golden Gate Bridge in California.