Nokia’s Banana Phone From The Matrix Is Back

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A lot of things about The Matrix are pretty cool. Keanu Reeves dodging bullets, the slick black outfits and the crazy futuristic plot ensuring the film will remain a classic.

However, back in 1999 it was another thing which impressed viewers – the ‘banana phone’, used by the likes of Reeves’ Neo and Laurence Fishburne’s, Morpheus.

Back then Nokia was the world’s leading mobile phone supplier, of course the iPhone didn’t exist in 1999 and so it used this popularity to ensure its funky Nokia 8110 was featured in The Matrix.

Warner Bros.

Nicknamed the ‘banana phone’ thanks to its unusually long and curved shape, the mobile instantly became trendy when the film became a hit.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on one so they could pop it in an envelope, pretend it mysteriously rings and then re-enact the famous escape from the office scene from the hit film.

But most of these people had to settle for a Nokia 7110 which just wasn’t the same.

For a reminder of how great The Matrix is, you can watch the trailer here:

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Now HMD, the makers of Nokia-branded phones, are bringing the classic mobile back to life in their new Nokia Originals series.

The second handset in the collection, the Nokia 8110 4G is a reboot of the iconic phone of the same name from 1996.

It was launched at the Mobile World Congress 2018 event in Barcelona and with traditional black and banana yellow versions being released, I’m sure they’ll sell out in no time.

You can answer and end calls simply by sliding the bottom of the phone up and down and the much-loved game Snake comes preloaded so it’s clearly a must buy.

As reported by Tech Radar, the phone will be released in May and will be available across Europe, The Middle East, Africa and China.

With a confirmed price of €79, (around £70 going by current exchange rates), it’s worth getting for nostalgia value alone!

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Unlike other Nokia Android smartphones, you won’t be able to access and download normal apps – but don’t worry – HMD are creating an app store specifically for this device.

The store will have apps for your usual suspects such as Facebook and there’s even a chance other third parties might create their own for the phone.

Also, you know how iPhones have notoriously short battery lives, well the 8110 will last an impressive 25 days.

Now that is a lot of Snake-playing!