Nuclear-Powered Diamond Battery Can Run For 28,000 Years


Nuclear-Powered Diamond Battery Can Run For 28,000 Yearsndbtechnology/Instagram/Pixabay

Now that the days of the Nokia brick phone are behind us it’s all the more impressive when we hear of batteries that can last for days on end, but a power source that can last a few lifetimes? Not even Nokia can compete with that. 

The US startup company NDB, which stands for Nano Diamond Battery, has announced the ‘high-power diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery’ which can last for up to 28,000 years – that’s 245,280,000 hours.


To create the game-changing power source, the company combines radioactive isotopes from nuclear waste with layers of panelled nano diamonds.


Although playing around with nuclear waste doesn’t sound too sensible, the battery is safe for humans.

The company explains:


The DNV (diamond nuclear voltaic) stacks along with the source are coated with a layer of poly-crystalline diamond, which is known for being the most thermally conductive material also has the ability to contain the radiation within the device and is the hardest material, [12] times tougher than stainless steel.

This makes our product extremely tough and tamperproof.

Diamonds are excellent and conducting heat, and micro-sized diamonds move heat away from the radioactive isotope materials so fact that it generates electricity, according to Popular Mechanics.

NDB’s idea is similar to that of the first known DNV battery concept presented by scientists, which used waste graphite from a graphite-cooled nuclear reactor.


Thanks to the radioactively contaminated graphite and heat-conducting diamongs, the device could last thousands of years. The difference with NDB’s concept is that it uses layers and layers of the diamond and radioactive waste panels in an bid to create higher total amounts of energy.

Though the impressive battery life is definitely a plus, each battery cell will only produce a minuscule amount of energy, meaning huge numbers of the cells must be combined in order to power regular and larger devices.

NDB began working on its battery in 2012 and expects to have a working product in 2023.


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  1. Popular Mechanics

    The Radioactive Diamond Battery That Will Run For 28,000 Years

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