Online Pranksters Are Crashing iPhone User’s Phones With This Link

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jan 2016 18:46

A prank that is annoying as fuck for victims has surfaced online once again.


Basically people are sending each other links to a website called crashsafari.com. Can you guess what it does?

True to the site’s name if you click a link to it from the Safari app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac your device could crash.

That is because the site generates a ridiculously long, and increasing string of characters that Safari struggles to process. The device will heat up, crash, and then reboot.

Security expert Mikko Hypponen has provided a warning as to the type of links to avoid…


According to the Daily Mirror Hypponen has said the links are increasingly being disguised by link shorteners such as bit.ly and ow.ly.

Needless to say victims aren’t finding it as funny as the pranksters.


Apparently over 100,000 people have fallen victim to just one abbreviated link alone.

Android users are not entirely safe either, with it reported by the Daily Mirror that the link can have a similar effect on Chrome.

So far it appears there are no long term effects, your device should just reboot.

The same may not be said of your relationship with whichever annoying git happens to send you the link.

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    Don't click the link! 'CrashSafari' prank website causes iPhones to crash and reboot