Oppo Teases Next-Gen Smartphone With Expandable ‘Rolling’ Screen

by : Daniel Richardson on : 17 Nov 2020 12:59
Oppo Teases Next-Gen Smartphone With Expandable 'Rolling' ScreenOppo

Oppo has teased a next-gen smartphone that will allow users to expand their screen through a rolling system.

The Chinese company revealed its concept for the Oppo X 2021 at its annual ‘Inno Day’, which showcases the company’s upcoming technologies. The expandable phone drew most of the attention at the event, although it is worth noting new and impressive AR glasses were also showcased. The phone’s initial design looks strong, and many will be interested in seeing the technology in action.


Companies like LG have shown interest in rollable phones, but it seems that Oppo has managed to release a concept quicker.


The OLED display of the Oppo X 2021 has a 6.7-inch surface area when the phone is used normally. However, it can be changed into a more tablet-like shape as the display expands to 7.4 inches. This expansion is done through sliders that gently come out of the right side of the phone. Early images of the phone suggest that this action of rollable expansion will be easy and smooth.

While some may not want an expandable phone, the sliders allow for improved watching and general visibility. Given that other companies are also patenting similar technology, this style of phone may achieve popularity in the future. With that in mind, Oppo may have a head start on some of its competitors.


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It is unclear when this phone will see a wide release, and whether changes will need to be made before the technology is commercially viable. Nonetheless, this could be the beginning of a widely adopted technology, and Oppo will be glad to be at the forefront of the emerging function in the mobile industry.

Many will hope to see this in stores soon so that they can begin experimenting with the rollable function, but there will likely be a bit of time before then as the concept is refined before being delivered to consumers.

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