People Are Showing Off How Quick PS4 Load Times Are

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People Are Showing Off How Quick PS5 Load Times AreSony/Pxhere

The introduction of solid-state drives in the home console market looks set to give players much faster loading times, and some players are already seeing the radical improvement that will be provided by the PlayStation 5.

A selling point for the next generation of consoles has been reduced loading times, and patches are already being implemented in preparation for the new consoles. However, surprisingly, these patches are already illustrating how quickly games can load on the PlayStation 4.


YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits, who frequently showcases gaming comparisons, illustrated how the update impacted the PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us: Remastered. The update allowed the game to boot up in just under 14 seconds, while the original game took 1 minute and 30 seconds. This significant difference is likely connected to Sony’s Boost Mode, which is designed to make games perform faster and better on the PlayStation 5. Despite improvements being expected to arrive in the next generation, many are shocked that it is impacting current consoles.

Some players who are seeing the benefits of the reduced load times on the current generation of consoles may now be reluctant to upgrade console. Others are expressing confusion about why this technology was not always being used in the current PlayStation 4 games.


Sony Files Patent Hinting Backwards Compatibility On PS5

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Nonetheless, how these games will perform with the SSD technology and how the console will utilize this technology throughout its processes will likely tempt the majority of consumers.

The next generation of consoles look set to allow players to start games much quicker, but, surprisingly, some of these benefits are already being felt. This reduction in loading time will be seen by many as a positive sign of what the future of gaming has in store for players.

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