People Downloading New iOS Have Noticed Something Extremely Creepy


People have been noticing something extremely creepy after downloading the new iOS 11 software.

Apple rolled out the new software yesterday and it hasn’t exactly gone down well with users, as many are nervous about some of the new features.

That’s because you are now able to record a device’s output, meaning you can record your friend’s Snapchats, messages or FaceTimes without them even knowing.

Creepy right…


For users – on the one hand – it’s pretty cool, but it’s no wonder this feature has left many freaking out.

The idea behind the screen recording function is you can record what you are doing on your iPhone or iPad and then send it to whoever you want.

Let’s say your dad is struggling with an app, you can record a tutorial on your phone using Screen Recording and the microphone and then send it to him quite easily.

The feature is hidden within the new software but it’s simple to enable.


Go to Settings, open up Control Centre and scroll down until you see Screen Recording and enable it.

Once added, swipe up from the bottom of your device as per usual and you will spot a button you can press to start recording.

Screen-shotting is so 2016…