People Given iPhone 4 But Told It’s iPhone X Still Praise It


Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel gave random people on the streets of LA an chance to test out Apple’s new iPhone X – only it turns out they were testing out an old iPhone 4.

If you wanted further proof consumers have no clue whatsoever as to what they’re buying this video below is all the evidence you need.

In the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live the crew took to the streets with an iPhone 4, under the guise that it was Apple’s latest model.

Check Out The Video Below

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As you can clearly see those filmed on camera didn’t have the slightest inkling that in their hands was an older model of the latest iPhone, from 2010 to be exact.

With every release Apple claim they’ve made improvements and upgrades, therefore making previous handsets obsolete. These enhancements include things such as user interface, camera quality and overall aesthetics.

Things these gullible guys in the video thought they were experiencing when handling the iPhone X iPhone 4. I mean it wasn’t even elaborately disguised, you can tell it was an older model in the video.


You’d be forgiven for thinking these poor folks haven’t held an iPhone in their hand post-2007.

While Apple’s newly launched iPhones 8 and X have been a hit with its millions and millions of fans, others have been quick to call them out.

Most notably their main competitors Samsung, who were off the mark quick to flame their tech rivals into a million pieces with their new commercial.

Samsung threw so much shade at Apple you’d think another solar eclipse was on its way to Silicon Valley.

Furthermore despite the high-demand for Apple’s latest handset irate customers are already finding hardware faults. One iPhone X owner in China posted a picture of his new phone – albeit with cracks and splits covered in the front and back.

Despite the cosmetic damage the owner confirmed the phone still worked.

Through all the constant complaints, fragility of the models  – and that time Bono thought it would be a good idea to give us a U2 album on we didn’t ask for – Apple still remains top dog on the smart phone scene.

In the past three months they’ve sold 46.7 million devices, which is 14 per cent more sold from the last quarter and three per cent up from the same time last year.

Apple’s overall revenue for the fourth quarter was $52.6 billion. So Samsung can take all the pot-shots they like, Apple are still laughing their way to bank – while the competition remains a distance second.


However as Kimmel’s video proves, these consumers have no idea what they’re buying into. If anything it proves two things: 1) The phone you have now is more than adequate in this day and age, and 2) people are so easily swayed by hype and marketing they’ll pay for anything and not know what they’re actually buying.

Jay-Z one famously rapped: ‘I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell / I am a hustler, baby, I’ll sell water to a well‘.

‘What has that got to do with anything?’ you ask. Well it just goes to show Apple are the ultimate hustlers.