People Have Found The PS5’s Smallest Easter Egg On Its Controller

by : Daniel Richardson on : 27 Oct 2020 15:38
People Have Found The PS5's Smallest Easter Egg On Its ControllerMrDalekJD/YouTube/GameSpot

The PlayStation 5 is highly anticipated. Set to give players faster loading times as well as better graphics, it seems that the design of the system and its controller also has some surprises in store. 

The appearance of the PlayStation 5 has divided opinion, but as people unbox the sizable console, it is becoming clear that it does have some pleasing elements.


One of the aesthetically impressive features of the console can be seen on the DualSense controller. It seems that the controller not only boasts haptic feedback but also some innovative design.

When players look closely at the DualSense, they can see that the grip for this controller is actually made up of ‘Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle’ motifs.

The symbols, which are synonymous with the PlayStation franchise, add a nice touch to the new controllers and shows that the company is still retaining some of its history, despite the range of upcoming updates. Interestingly, it seems that the console itself will also use this tiny artistic flourish.


The plates of the console, which were critiqued for making the PlayStation 5 look like a router, also have the symbols. With that in mind, many are now beginning to appreciate how the system looks in a closer light.

The PlayStation 4 was a hit with fans and, as a result, the variety of changes that are set to come have not pleased everyone. Nonetheless, now people are beginning to get a closer look at the PlayStation 5, it seems that it may win over some players who were initially concerned about the look of the console and controller.

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