People Reveal Why They Block Others On Social Media

by : UNILAD on : 26 Feb 2016 11:45

The internet can be a fucking great thing – the majority of the time anyway – but there are some people online that you just love to hate. 

From the standard trolls that spend most of their time bashing their keyboard, filling the internet with hateful comments in about every place you can look, to people that just annoy us to the point where we want to throw our computers in a fucking bin.


We all have a line that if someone crosses they’ll feel the wrath of a block, and now Twitter users have been revealing their own personal limits using the hashtag #Blocked.

The responses range from the relatable to the completely bizarre, and most of them are pretty ridiculous.

Here’s just a few of our faves, from the standard bigots:





To the horribly sexist:


And of course you know where this is going…

Because sometimes there’s nothing worse then a deluded United fan:


If you don’t know why people dislike The Donald then there’s no hope for you:

And don’t you dare make us feel bad about eating meat…

What have you blocked people for?

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