Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11


Back in the stone age, when phones and cameras were still separate entities, the idea of combining the two made some people exclaim ‘but why?!’

Well, now we finally have an unequivocal answer – to take better photos of our pets.

That’s right, with the launch of their new range of iPhones, Apple have finally delivered what we’ve all dreamt of for so long – Pet Portrait Mode.

While previous models have included a Portrait Mode that adapted to our miniature photography models, the latest releases’ Pet Portrait Mode is designed specifically for non-human models.

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11PA

After the X, the new iPhones are going back to using good old numbers, though there are some changes to the different models’ names. We will now have the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The new phones were unveiled at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, yesterday, September 10.

The phones pick up where last year’s XS, XS Max, and XR left off, and feature new (and more) cameras, improved screens, faster processors and better battery life. The new iPhones don’t look too dissimilar from the current ones, with similar screen sizes, slim bezels and the infamous Face ID notch across the top.

All the phones will be available in a variety of colours, while the 11 Pro will be available in a new, matt finish.

One of the main upgrades, which will be available on the 11 Pro and Pro Max but not the 11, is a new OLED screen, which means more contrast, sharper colours and better definition. While the 11 has an LCD screen. The 11 will also have two camera lenses, while the Pro and Pro Max boast three.

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11Apple

More camera lenses means improved photos. As well as the Pet Portrait Mode (utilising the soft-focus background feature), there’s a new Night Mode, improved stabilisation for videos, and a second-generation smart HDR for lighting, The Guardian reports.

The new iPhones’ front cameras are getting a big upgrade too, going from seven megapixels on last year’s models to 12 on this year’s. There’s also an ‘ultrawide’ capability, and slo-mo features for all those slo-mo selfies we take.

Sticking with the camera theme (where are the upgrades to the phone part of the phone?!), the Pro and Pro Max’s three lens system allows telephoto, wide, and ultra wide shots, with users being able to switch between them using the zoom adjust tool.

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11PA

The ultra wide lens has a 120-degree field of vision, with Apple saying the new models produce better all-round photos, more detailed images, and are better for film-making and video editing.

Meanwhile, for those of us not trying to be Steven Spielberg with our phones, the new models of iPhone will have an improved, shatter-resistant glass for the screen, which will be better at withstanding accidental drops and fumbles next time your mate chucks your phone to you across the room. The new phones can also be submerged underwater for longer, so the bathroom is no longer out of bounds.

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11PA

The Pro and Pro Max will also ship with a bigger, 18-watt charger, compared to last year’s 5-watt charger, meaning the battery charges faster and can last four hours longer.

The new phones start from $699 (£729), according to TechRadar, for the 11, while the 11 Pro starts at $999 (£1,049), and the Pro Max at $1099 (£1,149).

Tim Cook, aka Tim Apple, Apple’s chief executive, said:

For those that want something that truly pushes the limits, this is the iPhone 11 Pro. The most powerful and advanced iPhones we’ve ever produced in a stunning new design.

The new models will be available to pre-order from Friday, September 13, and will ship from September 20.

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