Free Wi-Fi And Charging Points To Replace Phone Boxes


Whoever thought phone-boxes were a thing of the past needs to think again, as they’re all set to get a major technological update in the city of London. 

Those loveable phone-boxes of a time long ago are being kicked up the arse and driven into a world of technological heights – as BT have pledged to replace them with ultra-fast free Wi-Fi zones, reports the Mirror.

The aim is to bring digital innovation onto the streets of London by changing all BT phone boxes and transforming them into zones for Wi-Fi and free calls in what BT calls ‘the next evolution’.


At least 750 of the uber-modern ‘Links’, which is what they are going to be known as, are set to hit London over the next few years – complete with phone charging points as well as maps and access to tourist information.

If you’re within range of a Link then you’ll be able to access free ultra-fast Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 1Gbps, and the kiosks will offer free UK landline and mobile phone calls and mobile device charging via two USB charging ports.


Rajesh Agrawal, London’s deputy mayor for business, said:

I welcome this exciting new addition to London’s streets.

Expanding London’s digital infrastructure is a priority for the Mayor, and LinkUK can play a big part in improving connectivity for Londoners and visitors to our city, while reducing street clutter by upgrading and reducing the number of phone boxes.

London is already widely regarded as one of the technological capitals of the world but the Mayor is determined to improve connectivity across the city to ensure we maintain that position.

What a day for humanity…