Plans For ‘Capital City’ On Mars Unveiled

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Plans For 'Capital City' On Mars UnveiledABIBOO/Facebook

An architecture studio has unveiled design renderings for a ‘capital city’ on Mars, with hopes the project can be brought to life using carbon dioxide and water on the red planet. 

Dubbed ‘Nüwa’, the city will be built vertically on the side of one of Mars’ cliffs to protect it from radiation and meteorites, while also ensuring indirect sunlight is available and abundant water access.


Architecture studio ABIBOO revealed plans to have structures sticking out of the rock face, located at Tempe Mensa, which it plans to build solely from materials found on Mars to help make it sustainable.

Check out plans for the city below:


The city would feature homes, offices and green spaces, and be home to 250,000 people, according to ABIBOO.


The company came up with the designs based on scientific research from The Mars Society and the SONet network, while the name Nüwa has its roots in the mythological Chinese goddess who protects humans, and who is said to have melted five stones to give robust societal pillars.

City on MarsABIBOO/Facebook

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Though ABIBOO has plans for the city in place, construction on the project isn’t projected to begin until 2054, while wannabe Martians likely won’t be able to move in before 2100. Once the city is up and running, ABIBOO suggested using a shuttle service to carry people between planets, with each trip taking between one to three months.

‘Macro-buildings’ excavated inside the rock of the cliff will house most of the construction activity, while ‘Green-Domes’ will provide areas for residents to enjoy parks or house the growth of experimental vegetation.

City on MarsABIBOO/Facebook

Those enjoying life in Nüwa would source food from the cultivation of crops, which would account for about half of people’s diets, with microalgae also playing a vital component.

The cost of living on Mars will come with a price tag of approximately $300,000, which includes a one-way trip on a shuttle, a residential unit, full access to common facilities, all life support services and food, and a work contract to devote between 60% and 80% of work time to tasks assigned by the city.

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