Police Issue Arrest Warrant For YouTuber Who Broke Into SpaceX Launch Site

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Police Issue Arrest Warrant For YouTuber Who Broke Into SpaceX Launch SiteLoco VlogS/PA Images

Police in Texas have issued an arrest warrant for a YouTuber who broke into a SpaceX launch site.

YouTuber Caesar Galaviz took footage of himself walking around on the Boca Chica base of SpaceX’s Starship rocket facilities, taking close up shots of various expensive pieces of hardware. He later uploaded a clip showing his trespassing activities to the YouTube channel, Loco VlogS.


The video, which was taken back in March, has since been deleted, but it has since been archived by a separate YouTube account.

You can check it out below:

Galaviz was apparently left uninterrupted as he wandered around the site, observing the different rockets. At one point, he walked right underneath SN11, the 16-storey-tall rocket prototype which would be launched mere days later.


In early April, Galaviz, who who was last spotted in Conroe, Texas posted a follow-up apology video where he tried to explain his illegal actions:

Yes it was wrong, yes it was illegal. But in my eyes, in that time of moment, I didn’t really think about that… What went through my mind was, ‘Okay, I’m never gonna get this opportunity again.’ So I went for it. And, well, this happened.

As per The Verge, the Federal Aviation Administration, which is responsible for regulating launches and launch infrastructure with public safety in mind, has stated that it had also been made aware of the footage, which it then brought to SpaceX’s attention.


The development of Starship is understood to be the focal point of Elon Musk’s widely publicised hopes of brining human beings to the Moon and Mars. It is funded in part by a $135 million NASA contract to help develop the design as part of the agency’s Human Lunar Landing system programme.

NASA spokesperson Monica Witt said:

NASA takes safety and security very seriously. The Human Landing System contracts include requirements for the contractors to appropriately safeguard information, software, and hardware. SpaceX notified NASA that they investigated this incident.


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Officials in Cameron County have now allege that Galaviz broke into the Boca Chica base without obtaining consent, and have put out a warrant for his arrest.

Sheriff Eric Garza confirmed the arrest warrant for the class B demeanour charge of criminal trespass on Monday, May 10, stating that Galaviz is wanted ‘for intentionally going onto the SpaceX property without their consent’.

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