Porsche Taycan Breaks The Guinness World Record For EV Drifting

by : Hannah Smith on : 24 Nov 2020 15:43
Porsche Taycan Breaks The Guinness World Record For EV DriftingPorsche

Drifting a car for more than a couple of seconds takes practice. Holding a drift for the best part of an hour? That sounds close to impossible.

Yet that’s exactly what Porsche driving instructor Dennis Retera managed on his way to setting the world record for the longest marathon drift in an electric vehicle.


Retera held the Porsche Taycan in a controlled drift round the German brand’s Hockenheimring test track for 55 minutes over the 26.2 miles required to set the record.

The feat was achieved on a 200m drift circle, with the help of irrigation to keep enough rubber on the tyres. The wet track also allowed the rear-wheel drive Taycan prototype to drift at a lower speed than normally possible, with the car clocking an average speed of 29mph during the feat.

Check out the record-breaking attempt below:


The video shows the Taycan being charged up and kitted out with the necessary sensors before heading out the test track, where an official adjudicator monitored proceedings from the sidelines. The Guinness World Record book defines a drift as ‘being performed when there is a speed differential between the driven wheels of the vehicle and its ground speed’, and used yaw rate sensors to take the official readings.

Bernd Propfe, director of platform and product for the Taycan, said of the attempt:

No one has ever attempted this with a battery-powered vehicle. So today is all about the question: does the car deliver what it promises? Is it really the sportiest battery-powered vehicle?


Indeed, the Guinness World Record has no previous entries for electric vehicle drifts, so it looks like the Taycan has thrown down the first official marker.

Driver David Retera said that while the Taycan could handle the drift with ease, maintaining control as a driver proved a challenge:

When the driving stability programs are switched off, a powerslide with the electric Porsche is extremely easy, especially of course with this model variant,

Nevertheless, it was also very tiring for me to keep my concentration high for 210 laps, especially as the irrigated asphalt of the drift circuit does not provide the same grip everywhere.

As impressive as the Taycan’s achievement is, it’s still a long way off the overall record for the longest drift performed by a vehicle. That honour remains with the BMW M5, which spent eight hours in a continuous drift for a whopping 232.5 miles, and was even refuelled mid-attempt.


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