Pranksters Troll Black Friday Shoppers By Posing As Big Brand Customer Services


In the past, dealing with customer service people was pretty horrendous.

The awkward confrontation, followed by feeling apologetic for actually handing them a genuine problem and them ultimately not giving less of a fuck…

But nowadays, with the power of the internet, we don’t even need to get off our asses to leave the house and visit customer services department if we have a problem.

Instead, many of us leave harsh and at times, pretty fucking stupid complaints for everyone to see. Obviously, as the company doesn’t want any bad publicity, they respond in the politest way possible… well that’s what usually happens anyway.

The problem with this method is that anyone could be behind a profile picture, with a fake name.

During the Black Friday weekend where adults rob kids, punch each other over a TV and buy crap they never really needed- essentially bringing out the worst in humanity – you’d expect there to be a load of complaints with the high sales amounts.

Ray Tang/Rex

Expert pranksters, Hope That Helps made good use of this and some poor bastards took to social media sites to voice their product concerns. It’s fair to say they weren’t expecting replies from these guys.

One guy simply doesn’t understand that there are 360-odd days better in the year to return an item…

Hope That Helps

Jordan apparently get’s a bit squeamish about the true origins of his food…

Hope That Helps

This woman pretty much sums up first world problems to an absolute tee…

Hope That Helps

This bloke generally doesn’t understand why stuff goes down in price after a few months… genius.

Hope That Helps

We’re are guessing this guy probably just got a bit peckish in the check-out queue…

Hope That Helps

And leaving the best one until last, this lad got shut down in the best way possible… just chill bro.

Hope That Helps

They aren’t even the bad guys, it just shows how stupid our complaints can really can be…