Reddit User Gives Insight To SpaceX’s Starlink Beta

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Reddit User Gives Insight to SpaceX's Starlink BetaPA/SpaceX

The Starlink programme by SpaceX is set to bring the internet to some of the hardest to reach places, and a beta test user has revealed some details about the provider.

Early access to Starlink has already been provided to select groups of people who are in areas where it is difficult to establish an online connection. On top of this, some users who do not fall into specific use cases are now beginning to receive an email invitation to the beta version of Starlink, and one user has shared what has been sent to them.


While divulging certain details, a Reddit user explained that there was no NDA on their email from SpaceX and, as a result, they believe they are allowed to share the information. The user noted the key takeaways from the email.


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To provide additional proof of the validity of the information, the Reddit User also added a screenshot of what was sent by SpaceX.

While the offering from the Starlink programme does not seem to be the strongest, many have responded to the news positively and have outlined the purpose of the internet provider. While there are connections that may offer better download speeds, there was an outpour of responses which noted significantly higher provider rates for poorer service in rural areas.

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It is evident that Starlink is a welcome addition to the internet provider landscape, particularly for those who struggle with astronomical prices and poor quality internet at the moment. Moving forward, the company will likely launch more satellites and this may lead to even better service to more people. With this in mind, it seems that Starlink may provide something of value to a lot of people.

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    I just officially received an email invite to the Starlink beta.