Review: Nokia 2720 Flip And Nokia 800 Tough

by : Matt Weston on : 07 Jan 2020 10:07
Nokia 2720 Flip And Nokia 800 ToughNokia

It can be very difficult for adults to switch off from their mobile phones in this day and age. But if you’re fed up of notifications pinging left, right and centre, there are some Nokia devices that are perfect for a ‘digital detox’.

Finnish tech brand HMD Global has been making Android phones under the Nokia brand for more than two and a half years now. Its latest phones take you back to the days when Nokia was one of the biggest names in the technology industry.


Its all-new 2720 Flip phone is an updated version of the 2720 Fold from 2009. With Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi all releasing folding smartphones over the next year or so, Nokia thought it would also step into the fold by bringing out its own folding feature phone. While the Flip is obviously not as ambitious as the Galaxy Fold, it hit me right in the nostalgia and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

In the mid-2000s, everybody I knew had a flip phone. Whether it be the Motorola Razr or the LG Muziq, everyone thought the clamshell was the bee’s knees. Using the retro 2720 Flip sure is a trip down memory lane!

If you’re clumsy and want a modern phone that won’t smash when you drop it, Nokia has also got your back with the 800 Tough. Created to replace the indestructible 3310, it’s the perfect phone for anyone that doesn’t care where they put their phone and wants some extra protection in case of an accident.


Nokia 2720 Flip

The new take on a classic flip phone adds brand new features to distinguish it from the old Nokia. 4G, voice-activated Google Assistant and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter have been added to the handset. This may seem like standard practice compared to a normal 2019 smartphone, but the Flip is anything but.

Running on KaiOS, a mobile operating system based on Linux, it’s one of the only phones released in 2019 that doesn’t have a touchscreen. It does, however, have two rather small screens. One of them is a 1.3-inch 240 x 240 external display illuminating the time and showing Caller ID. On the inside of the flip is the 2.8-inch screen accompanied by a T9 keyboard. While it’s fantastic to have modern apps like WhatsApp on the phone, they are practically impossible to use on the device. How I actually managed to text friends before touchscreens I have no idea!

With the small screen and the absence of multi-tasking, it would be very hard for me to ditch my touchscreen smartphone for the device. But the more you get used to the phone, the more you realise it definitely has its positives. For starters, I have not encountered a single problem with the battery life. It easily lasts multiple days on a single charge, which is great if you’re abroad or camping.


New Nokia 4G Flip Phone

The flip phone is back, this time with 4G and Google Assistant 📱🙌

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Friday, September 6, 2019

The simplicity of the device also prevents you from spending too much time using it. Reviewing the Nokia 2720 Flip makes me appreciate just how far phones have come in the past 20 years or so. If you really need to check Facebook, you have the option to. But if it takes you a couple of minutes to write a simple message, the chances are you won’t be wanting to constantly update your group chats.

While I enjoyed reviewing the handset, I couldn’t imagine ever using a feature phone like this as my daily driver. With its 2 megapixel camera and a lack of apps I rely on, it would be difficult to revert back to a life without instant access to mobile banking, train tickets and keeping in touch with friends across social media. Instead, this phone is perfect for trips away where you are left with just the bare essentials. The 2720 Flip is a fantastic backup phone for when you need a ‘digital detox’, but you’re limiting yourself if you trade your modern smartphone for a retro feature flip phone.

Nokia 800 Tough


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The 800 Tough is designed to combat accidental drops, dust, sand, water and even extreme temperatures. Building on the indestructible legacy of the 3310, this rugged device has been designed for those who love the outdoors and work in extreme conditions.

If the Flip was designed to bring back nostalgia as a feature phone, the 800 was built for a purpose. While it may have the same KaiOS operating system and the same choice of preinstalled apps to use, the main difference is the IP68 rating for dust and waterproofing as well as the MIL-STD-810G rating for things like humidity, direct sunlight, noise, low pressure and temperature.

This durability is accompanied by a long-lasting battery, which HMD claims can last close to 43 days when in standby mode. There’s also a flashlight, bigger buttons, anti-slip grip and built-in Google Assistant.

The 800 Tough runs into some of the same problems as the 2720 Flip, including difficulty in sending messages and a poor quality 2 megapixel camera. But the chances are that if you are interested in buying this device, you’re not planning to check social media or take loads of lovely pictures.


It definitely serves a purpose, and if you can do without some of the flashy applications most people have become dependent on, you might be fine using this tough piece of kit.


Is it worth buying either phone?

If you’re in the market for something to stop you from constantly being on your phone, either of these devices will definitely do the job. Thanks to their impressive battery life, 4G capabilities and new selection of apps, they’re able to do everything you need without all the fancy features you expect from a flagship.

It’s clear what Nokia offers are cheaper alternatives that have two completely different personalities. The 800 Tough will survive in almost any condition and is perfect for workers, while the 2720 Flip’s design looks fantastic and takes me back to a better time. They may be two different designs for different types of people, but both phones can help you detox from the smartphone addiction that grips most of us.

The Nokia 800 Tough is available now for £109 and the Nokia 2720 Flip is available from £89.99.

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