Ride Your Luggage Around The Airport With Modobag

by : Tomi Adebayo on : 26 Jul 2016 12:08
Modobag Line UpModobag Line Up

Modobag is the world’s first rideable and only motorised smart luggage and it’s currently on IndieGoGo.


Modobag can get you to the check-in desk or anywhere you want up to 3x faster than walking, so no more missing flights.

Why walk to the check-in desk when you can ride there?

It can go 8mph tops, features a dual wheel braking system, and a quick release foot pedals.


Just like any other luggage out there, you can extend its towing handle and its steering column is CNC-machined for the best performance with sealed bearings.

Modobag_Ride or walkModobag_Ride or walkModobag

As if it’s not snazzy enough, you also get a touch control dashboard with LED backlighting and dual USB charging ports for your phones. It’s built to fit perfectly in overhead lockers and it’s TSA, FAA, and IATA compliant.

The smart luggage doesn’t come cheap, with an early bird price of £750 and there’s an optional “connected” feature that comes with a mobile companion app for iOS and Android so that can track your luggage’s location and get proximity alerts, even if the suitcase is underground in storage.

Interested? Well, you can check it out on indiegogo.

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