River Turns Bright Green As Environmental Protection Officers Check For Chemical Poisoning

by : Daniel Richardson on : 28 Oct 2020 16:42
River Turns Bright Green As Environmental Protection Officers Check For Chemical PoisoningEast2West

A Russian river has turned bright green and locals have been confused by the change, which some originally thought was connected to St Patrick’s Day. 

The Gryaznaya River is typically pretty murky, but many were surprised when it had radically changed colour into a fluorescent green. Officials investigated the occurrence and have stated that the change is ‘harmless’ and the result of an organic dye being poured into the river. However, why someone would pour dye into the river remains a mystery.


Local environment official Alexandra Murzina has given some insight into what has been uncovered about the incident:

According to preliminary information, the water in the Gryaznaya River changed its colour because of a reagent — dye of organic origin. It poses no health risks to living things.

The official did go on to note that samples have been sent to ‘supervisory authorities’, with the hopes of finding out more information about the incident.

Russian River possibly dyed greenEAST2WEST

Some believe that the dye may have come from a company that has supplies heating to local towns and cities, but this has yet to be confirmed by the officials who attended the scene.

It will be interesting to see whether a resident of the nearby village Knevichi was responsible or if there is a more disturbing source. Either way, the locals will be relieved to find out that this occurrence is not a threat to their health. With that said, even when the river is not dyed it does not look like it is suitable for drinking or using practically.

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