Robotic Hand Will Go For Romantic Walks With You If You’re Lonely

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Nov 2020 13:13
Robotic Hand Will Go For Romantic Walks With You If You're Lonely岐阜大学 木島研/YouTube

Meeting people can be hard, particularly during a global pandemic, so a Japanese company has developed a robotic hand that will help those who are missing a partner. 

The robotic hand is covered in a soft gel, and has been developed to help those who would like some comfort. Four engineers at Gifu University developed a motorised hand that will replicate the feeling of holding hands with a partner. While the concept may raise a few eyebrows, it becomes slightly odder when the additional features are considered.


This invention is called Osampo Kanojo (‘My Girlfriend in Walk’), and the inventors have described it as  an ‘experience holding your girlfriend’s hand [that is done] more easily than finding a girlfriend.’ While the technology doesn’t look too realistic, the inventors have come up with some unique features to make it feel more real, as CNET reports.

The robotic hand with wires and a box has some features to help users who want a partner become immersed in the experience. The hand delivers the smell of shampoo through a cloth, and it can even sweat by adding a damp cloth between the heater and the surface of the hand.

robot girlfriend岐阜大学 木島研/YouTube

If the touch and smell of the hand weren’t enough to convince people of a new robotic partner, the machine also makes noises. Through a connected app, users can make the hand emulate the sound of breathing, running and even the rustle of their clothes, while they are accompanied by the machine.

This is undoubtedly an intriguing way to tackle loneliness, but the team behind it believe it has commercial potential and will be pursuing the avenue in the future. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if this hand damages the user numbers of dating apps.

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