Samsung Absolutely Destroy Apple’s iPhone In New Advert

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Samsung has taken Apple back 10 years and ‘left them there’ in a new adverting campaign.


From queuing up in the rain, to having to leave waterlogged handsets in rice and that time they got rid of the headphone jack, Samsung has it covered.

The advert, entitled ‘Growing Up’, follows an iPhone fan upgrading their handset over a 10 year period, starting in 2007, each time poking fun at various gripes iPhone fans have.


The advert picks up on the lack of storage on the 16GB iPhone 4, it goes to bring up the whole iPhone 5S’ 4-inch display and compares it to the 5.5-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Then in 2016, Samsung hits out at Apple for its failure to add water resistance to their iPhone 6 models as Galaxy S7 Edge can handle being submerged without having to spend a night in a bed of dry rice.


It touches on Apple’s controversial decision to ditch the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 models and makes a point of highlighting the fact the Galaxy S8 offers customers wireless charging, something the iPhone 7 didn’t.

Then here we are, the iPhone X.

The man in the advert converts to Samsung and with his Galaxy Note 8, he is seen walking past the Apple fanatics queuing for the latest handset, shaking his head as he does so.

Watch the full advert here:

The advert has got people talking, some saying it’s brilliant marketing and ‘hilarious’ calling it a 100/10 ad, with others – Apple fans – suggesting Apple should ‘sue’ Samsung.


One man who should probably take a look at the advert is the guy who spent three days queuing outside an Apple store for the new iPhone X but was too skint to buy one after splashing out in a casino.

The ‘unidentified’ male had first dibs on the new release being sold at the Regent Street branch in London.


Because those outside the shop were given wristbands giving them an hour away from the line, he decided to spend his golden 60 minutes in the casino, where he allegedly lost all the money he was putting towards the iPhone X.

In a strange coincidence Marco Pierre White Jr became the next first person in line and bagged himself one of the phones, despite already having one.

He told Metro:

I ended up number one in the queue! My friend didn’t have enough money so he f*cked off back home.

He overspent in the casino last night and so I ended up first.


The launch of the iPhone X is making Apple its ‘biggest quarter ever’ though, which is fairly impressive.

Apple has regained its title from Samsung as the most profitable company in the world thanks to the recent earnings.

Tim Cook said on Thursday he’s feeling ‘very bullish’ about the new device and he ‘couldn’t be more excited about Apple’s future’ in a financial call transcript reported by Six Colors.

He added:

There’s always doubting Thomases out there – I’ve been hearing those for the 20 years I’ve been here. I suspect I’ll hear about them until I retire. I don’t really listen to that too much.


Apple sold 46.7 million iPhone devices in the last three months, up 14 per cent in phones sold from the quarter previous and three per cent from the same time last year.

The company’s overall revenue for the fourth quarter was $52.6 billion.

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