Samsung Drops Plastic Packaging For New Sustainable Materials

Samsung is swapping its plastic packaging for sustainable materialsSamsung/Getty

Samsung products will soon come packaged in sustainable materials as the company ditches plastic in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. 

The tech giant announced its new sustainability policy on Sunday (January 27), which detailed changes to product packaging for phones, tablets, appliances and accessories.

The press release explained instead of the plastic trays which would usually cradle new devices, Samsung will be using pulp molds.

Its chargers will be given a new design as the gloss is swapped for a matte finish, eliminating the need for plastic protection films, and device accessories will be wrapped in eco-friendly materials.

The company’s range of appliances, which include TVs, fridges, and washing machines, will be packaged in bags made of recycled plastic and bioplastics instead of standard, single-use plastic bags.

As well as new packaging, Samsung will ensure it only uses fibre materials certified by global environmental organisations in manuals.

The plastic packaging will be substituted with environmentally sustainable materials from the first half of this year, while new paper sourcing will be in place by 2020.

Every initiative which reduces plastic use is a step in the right direction; Samsung are certainly on the right track!

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