Samsung Has Invented A Completely Wireless TV



Samsung could be set to unveil a patent for a completely wireless television, after the company has submitted a patent for the revolutionary TV.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent was filed in March 2018 but only released publicly in late February this year.

In the documentation, Samsung explained the television would be powered by an electromagnetic bar, with this transmitting power to the device without having to rely on a power cable.

According to the patent, the wireless power transmitter will be positioned between the TV and the wall where the electricity is running. The unit will also be able to power every single electronic device in the room thanks to its electromagnetic field.

That sounds like an absolute dream to charge devices like your phone, without plugging them in. The need for the agonising stretch to where your phone is plugged in won’t be necessary anymore. Maybe we’ll be able to charge a mobile phone while it’s still in our pocket!

If Samsung manages to make this technology work, it completely change the future of home television design. Here’s the patent which was obtained by LetsGoDigital of the Samsung TV:

LetsGoDigital / Samsung

Wireless charging is becoming more and more common, but it’s mainly just smartphones that can be charged with a charging pad.

Samsung released five new mobile phones at the Unpacked event in February, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the futuristic Galaxy Fold. The South Korean tech giant could see the future of technology as folding phones and wireless TVs!

It’s worth bearing in mind that we only have this information from a patent application from Samsung. It is possible that the device may never have been invented, or be available for us at any time soon.

Here’s hoping, though.

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