Samsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent Smartphone

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Sep 2020 15:40
Samsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneSamsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneVFX Studio Koliba/YouTube/Samsung

Samsung is believed to be developing a smartphone that is almost completely transparent, according to a patent published last month.

The tech company filed the patents for the wacky new design back in January, however it was only made public in August.

LetsGoDigital, a Dutch tech blog that first discovered the patents, has even created some renders to give everyone a little sneak preview into what the clear mobile could look like if it actually comes into fruition. Obviously, this is just an interpretation, and if the smartphone ever does come to market there’s nothing to say it would look anything like this design, but they’re interesting designs.

Samsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneSamsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneLet's Go Digital

Back when Samsung announced it had plans to create a foldable phone, a lot of people thought it was a wacky idea – until the Samsung Galaxy Z was released earlier this year. And it’s worth noting that the patent does contain the complicated steps and technologies required to make such a device, so there’s every possibility that it could actually happen.

According to Android Authority, the pixels on the mobile’s display would allow light to pass through them, which is effectively what would make the screen transparent. However, if the drawings provided by Samsung in the patent are anything to go by, it will only be a window in the middle that is transparent, while the bezels remain opaque.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that ideas of a transparent smartphone have floated around in the techsphere. Back in 2009, LG decided to give it ago with the GD900, however it only ended up having a transparent keypad.

Samsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneSamsung Is Developing A Fully Transparent SmartphoneLet's Go Digital

Then that same year, Sony Ericsson had a crack at it with the Xperia Pureness, and they were successful in creating a transparent display. However, it was nowhere near the same standard that has come to be expected of this Samsung patent.

The same technology that’s required for Samsung’s design can also be used with other technologies, such as TVs, laptops and computer monitors for example. In this instance, the tech company is using an OLED display, which is characterised by low power consumption, high brightness and a fast response time, making it the ideal candidate for a mobile.

There are still lots of questions up in the air, such as where will the cameras go? Because in theory, they will need to be opaque as well as the bezels. Either way, we’re here living in 2020 and the Samsung designers are out there in 2030.


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