Scientists Create Meat-Flavoured Ice Cream

by : Hannah Smith on : 20 Oct 2020 16:55
Scientists Create Meat-Flavoured Ice CreamRuptly

In what is yet more proof that nothing good on this Earth is sacred, scientists have created meat-flavoured ice cream.

It sounds like a bad April Fools joke, but unfortunately the new meat-flavoured ice cream is all too real. The abomination was cooked up by researchers at the Minsk Institute for Meat and Dairy, and presented for the first time at the Belagro-2020 exhibition last month.


The Institute has released a video showing the finished product, and it looks just about as appetising as it sounds. The ‘Ice Meat’ is served Mr. Whippy-style out of an ice cream machine, and has a sludge-like consistency not dissimilar to that pink slime that everyone thought Chicken McNuggets were made out of for a while.


Irina Kaltovich, a senior researcher at the Institute’s Meat Product Department, said:

The meat ice cream is a refreshing original healthy product that is perfect for a light snack.


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Now, if you’re wondering what meat-flavoured ice cream actually tastes like, you’re not alone. What kind of meat flavour is it? Chicken? Beef? Pork? All three? It’s not clear, and judging by the video, the people who created it aren’t that sure about it either.

Only one person is shown actually trying the ‘Ice Meat’, and he doesn’t exactly seem thrilled about the experience. After trying a (very) small spoonful, Grigory Pinchuk, chief specialist of technologies for dairy production, commented that the flavour could be improved and refined for a better taste, although he defended the product, saying the Ice Meat ‘has the right to exist’.


So why, exactly, does meat-flavoured ice cream exist? According to Ruptly, the Ice Meat does actually have some nutritional value, and contains ‘a good amount of both protein and fat’.


Irina Kaltovich adds that, ‘The great advantage of the developed meat ice cream is the absence of sugar in its composition’, meaning the product would be suitable for diabetics and other people unable to enjoy regular desserts.

And if ice cream isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are also options for meat sorbet, or meat frozen yoghurt.

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