Scientists Discover ‘Superhighway’ In Our Solar System

by : Daniel Richardson on : 14 Dec 2020 19:01
Scientists Discover 'Superhighway' In Our Solar SystemNASA

While space is continuously explored by humans, it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, scientists have discovered a superhighway that may enable faster travel to the outer reaches of our solar system. 

There are talks of humans living on Mars, but it is often overlooked that reaching the planet would take a significant amount of time for a crew. Scientists now believe they have found a superhighway that could speed up how spaceships travel to the edge of our solar system, particularly between Jupiter and Neptune.


A research team at the University of California found the travel network and is now beginning to study how it could be used by vessels leaving Earth.


The research team found this route by computing how ‘millions’ of solar system orbits fit inside space manifolds and arch structures that come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The result was a superhighway that could enable faster travel for spaceships, although there is still plenty of research to do.

The research on these routes was published in an issue of Science Advances, and it notes how, by using the structures, asteroids could travel from Jupiter to Neptune in less than 10 years by following the superhighway. Space probes would be able to do this even quicker because of the thrusters and technology onboard.


To illustrate the way the space manifolds would enable faster travel, the research team used a graph that shows the distance in AU on the X-axis against the mathematical constant Euler’s number on the Y-axis:

Moving forward, the team wants to see how the manifolds interact around Earth, and whether it would be possible to create a spaceship that would be able to take advantage of this quicker means of solar system travel. On top of that, the spacecraft would have to avoid asteroids and, in this sense, the superhighway would be a dangerous route for machinery to take.

There are also some risks with the largest arches that are caused by the gravitational pull of Jupiter, as they could lead to ships being misdirected or even colliding with the largest planet in our solar system.


Nonetheless, this discovery looks set to improve how we travel through space and save plenty of time. With that said, there is plenty of research to be done before we see the full benefits of this superhighway and manage to get ships to Neptune in record time.

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