Scientists Say Intelligent Life Could Survive In Stars

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Scientists have said that intelligent life could exist within stars, opening up a completely new possibility in our ongoing quest to find new signs of life in the universe.

Physicists from City University of New York say it is theoretically possible for an alternative form of life to survive and reproduce in the centre of stars. These hypothetical bodies would not be ‘life’ in the way that we understand it, but are instead ‘one-dimensional cosmic strings’ that form and mutate by absorbing energy from their host star.


These organisms could potentially evolve to the state of gaining intelligence, much in the same way as life on Earth stemmed from single-cell amoebas.


In a paper published by Letters in High Energy Physics, the team explained:

Compared to the lifetime of a star, its lifetime is an instantaneous spark of light in the dark. What is important is that such a spark manages to produce more sparks before it fades away, thus providing a long lifespan of the species.

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As per Futurism, the paper speculates that faster-dimming stars could potentially be hosting these life forms, however it is important to note that this theory is purely hypothetical, with no evidence suggesting any particular stars currently contain life.

The centre of a star seems like just about the most inhospitable climate imaginable, but there is precedence for this kind of origin story. Cosmic strings similar to the ones described in the paper are thought to have emerged in the aftermath of the Big Bang, though their existence has never been proven.

As the scientists stress, however, just because something hasn’t been proven, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The team plan to continue their work by developing simulations of ‘cosmic necklaces’ in stars, and say that in the future it could be possible to search for them in space.

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Eugene Chudnovsky, one of the scientists working on the paper, has been researching cosmic strings since 1988, and says that it’s possible they could ‘establish communication and travel between stars’.

Chudnovsky told Science Alert:

It is a fascinating thought that the Universe may be packed with intelligent life that is so different from ours that we failed to recognise its existence.


So while we probably wont find aliens living in the sun, this team thinks there could be life out there, just not as we know it.

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