Serbian Man Manages To Heat Entire House Using Just Beer Cans


With temperatures plummeting across Europe as winter takes its toll, many face the dilemma of having to pay out a shit load on heating.

But this guy in Serbia has thought of a genius way to heat his house for free and all he has to use is beer cans. Wait, what?

Facebook/Darko Milicevic

Darko Milicevic, 39, has turned to his empties to create a solar power heating system which could save him as much as £500 a year on heating bills- almost twice the average salary in Serbia the Daily Mail reports.

He got the idea after drinking a few of his favourite beers…

He told MailOnline:

I was thinking about how to make my own heating system free of charge, because everyone wants to make their lives easier during this [economic] crisis. Then I realised I could use beer cans instead of buying copper tubes. I drink beer anyway and it was fun inventing something alternative.

Facebook/Darko Milicevic

A maths professor by trade, Darko created beer can solar panels to put on his roof and radiators and it has just cost him £50. He also paints them black to get more energy from the sun rays.

The most expensive item he had to use was plexiglass to protect his makeshift panel and styrofoam to insulate it, just so they didn’t lose any heat.

He took to Facebook to show off his invention. While it was -5 Celsius in Parcin on New Year’s Eve, his beer can panel heated his water boiler to almost 52 degrees.

Facebook/Darko Milicevic

But, before you start getting the beers in and trying this for yourself, there is a catch.

He said:

If there is no sun at all, it does not work. But even if the outside temperatures are very low and there is sun, it works. One metre of this panel is not enough to heat the whole house. But if I put up 10 or 20 square-metre panels it would make it.

Is he bothered about forking out a load of beer, apparently not, because he ‘would drink them anyway’. That’s what I call a win win.

Facebook/Darko Milicevic

It’s no surprise that he’s been inundated with calls from locals on how to do it themselves.

He added:

Many people have phoned me in recent days as during the financial crisis many are trying to find more economic solutions. I give them some advice and I enjoy it because I am the kind of a person who adores technical inventions.

Better get the beers in…