Shocking Dash Cam Footage Shows Van Launching 12ft Into Air After Hitting Roundabout

Van flies in the airSWNS

Frightening dash cam footage has captured the moment a van struck a roundabout before launching 12ft in the air.

Footage shows a silver Citroen van speeding along a dual carriageway, changing lanes before failing to make a stop at a roundabout.

With terrifying force, the van hits the cambered edge roundabout and is thrown into the air, as if from a catapult.

Those who’ve viewed the footage have said it’s similar to a scene from The Dukes of Hazzard – a 1980s era action-comedy TV series packed with daring and comical car stunts.

Fortunately, the driver of the van didn’t appear to be injured, despite emergency service workers arriving promptly at the scene.

The footage was captured earlier this year (2018) by 35-year-old motorcyclist Andy Daynes, using his helmet cam. Andy had been driving behind the van while travelling on the A11 at Attleborough, Norfolk.

Andy, from Hingham, Norwich, explained:

I was actually on my motorbike behind him so I saw it all. I pulled over along with some other drivers to see if he was OK.

He had to be cut out of the van – but he seemed to be alright, he wasn’t badly injured. It is quite a bad roundabout, he just didn’t see what was coming because he was going so fast.

He was on his own, he had a few cuts and bruises but the ambulance came straight away and took him to hospital. He just didn’t see the roundabout coming.

Norfolk police are now working to establish whether they have records of the accident, which reportedly happened in January.

Those who have seen the footage cannot believe their eyes; amazed and scared at how such a large van could get so high up in the air.

One horrified person gasped:

What the hell! I’d be terrified if I saw that happen.

Another said:

Looks like something out of a movie. Serves him just about right Mr White Van.

Although the driver escaped with his life this time, taking risks by speeding is no joke and could have serious consequences.

According to Think!:

The difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. The faster someone is driving, the less time they have to stop if something unexpected happens.

If you kill someone while speeding, you will have to live with the long-term emotional consequences.

Speed limits are there for a reason.

According to Fleet News, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) are currently reviewing their methods of curbing speeding.

A spokesperson for road safety charity, Brake, told the publication:

We believe that the lack of consistency in application of the law through the buffer zone has led to a culture that views speeding as acceptable.

We want strict enforcement of limits to let people know this isn’t the case and change the culture of acceptance around speeding.

Brake believe reducing speed even by a small amount could greatly improve safety on the road.

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