Snapchat Unites To Bring Social Media-Crossed Lovers Together


Snapchat may just have facilitated the greatest love story of our time.

Okay that is a massive exaggeration, but the social media platform has at least brought a couple of people together in true Hollywood romcom fashion.

It all started at University of Wisconsin-Madison campus last week as a female student reached out to a young man using the apps location-based story feature.

The woman wanted to let the guy in a Vikings jersey know she was ‘so in love’ with him – and then the rest of the campus got in on the act to help the pair find one another.

As reported by Business Insider, what really turned this from cringey public flirting to social media fairy tale were the techies behind the scenes.

Snapchat has an army of curators apparently, who watch submissions and piece them together to help form a narrative unique to the platform.

They even set up a filter dedicated to bringing the couple together which read ‘HELP VIKINGS FAN FIND MYSTERY GIRL’.

After a long day of cat and mouse trying to find each other Vikings fan and mystery girl did meet – so all that is left is for them to become disgustingly wrapped up in each other, alienating all their college friends along the way.