So Some People Have Already Broken The Drones They Got For Christmas

by : UNILAD on : 27 Dec 2015 13:45

Other than hoverboards, drones were the must-have Christmas present this year.

And, while uncoordinated dads were falling off hoverboards and injuring themselves on Xmas morning, it appears overenthusiastic tech nuts were also busy crashing their drones.


Seriously, these things barely made it out of their box underneath the Christmas tree before they were smashed to pieces.

Within hours of the sun rising on December 25, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube users everywhere were revealing their tales of woe/hilarity of their inability to properly pilot their new present.

Let’s just say, for many, the fun really didn’t last long…


You may be thinking, “Hey, at least they were fun while they lasted” but, it turns out, even household pets and people’s own hair weren’t safe from the chaos of Christmas Day drone disasters…


As they say, it’s all fun and games until the drone gets caught in someone’s hair.


It’s a timely reminder that, not only are these things absolutely awful Christmas gifts, they’re also pretty dangerous.

So, be careful out there, and don’t try and fly one of these monstrosities after one too many mugs of mulled wine…

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