Someone Designed A Perfect Pyramid House And We Want It

Pyramid HouseJuan Carlos Ramos

This architect is single-handedly bringing back the Pyramids and the glory days of Ancient Egypt.

…Just with a little more chrome and a little less plague.

Juan Carlos Ramos, a Mexican architect, has designed our dream pad in the shape of a pyramid and it is fit for a Pharaoh.

PyramidHouseJuan Carlos Ramos

Although the Pyramids were used by Egyptians as extravagant tombs for dead Kings, Ramos has managed to kit his out with all the mod cons required by the living.

The open plan design features a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – you know, the usual. The pyramid also houses a garage and library and a whole floor is dedicated to a recording studio. We bet the acoustics are heaven.

With an interior so swish, Juan designed an entire side of the home to be glass so he can show off this man-made mansion to mother nature itself.

PyramidHouseJuan Carlos Ramos

This is the ultimate architectural throwback. Sadly, the house is still just a concept but Ramos is determined to make his dream house a reality and is looking for an investor. Spare a couple of million, anyone?

In the meantime, I’ll hold off on giving notice to my landlord and ditching my dingy studio flat until IKEA come up with a flat pack design.