Soon You’ll Be Able To Board A Plane Using Facebook Messenger


It’s safe to say Facebook is no longer just a social media platform.

They’ve announced game-changing features such as in-app shopping, and now they’ve gone one step further, allowing users to book flights, receive details, and show boarding passes on Messenger.

Elite Daily reports that Facebook has joined up with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to allow travelers to complete flight bookings directly via its Messenger app – and it’s major.

Customers will be able to book and re-book tickets, access boarding passes, receive itinerary and flight status information, and even chat with customer service – making the often most stressful parts of traveling a whole lot easier.


And with 800 million global monthly users, Facebook Messenger could definitely benefit from this.

Tjalling Smit, senior vice president of digital for Air France KLM, told USA Today that with Messenger, the airline seized the opportunity to reach passengers on one of the apps they use most frequently.

Research shows a handful of popular apps people use each day, and Smit says ‘the KLM app is not one of those, however Facebook, Messenger, etc. are.’


He said: “This made us decide that we have to turn third party platforms like social media (including chat platforms) into a new entry point for our customers.”

At the moment, KLM is the only airline in ties with the social media platform, but it’s likely more airlines will follow – meaning Facebook is probably going to be an even bigger part of our lives than it already is. If that’s possible.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty good at misplacing my boarding pass. So I welcome this new feature with open arms.