Sophia The Human Robot Completely Freaked Out Piers Morgan And Susanna Reid


ITV’s Good Morning Britain has its fair share of bizarre interviews but this one may be the strangest yet.

This morning Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid met a human robot named Sophia who managed to freak out both the presenters and the viewers.

Sophia appeared on the programme with robotics expert Dr David Hanson for a very unusual and unique interview.

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Susanna could not believe what she was seeing, confessing:

She is sitting next to me blinking – I’m slightly afraid of her, oh my goodness.

Piers was equally unsettled exclaiming:

You’re a little freak, aren’t you?

In an attempt to get over the shock that they were interviewing a human robot, the duo began to question Sophia about her love life.

When asked if she was single Sophia replied:

I’m technically just a little more than a year old – a bit young to worry about romance.

My ideal partner is a super-wise, compassionate, super-genius, ideally.

She has clearly been programmed with high expectations then, and any outside hope Piers had has been left in tatters.