SpaceX Has Launched Roast Turkey And Cranberry Sauce To Astronauts On The International Space Station

by : Daniel Richardson on : 07 Dec 2020 18:15
SpaceX Has Launched Roast Turkey And Cranberry Sauce To Astronauts On The International Space StationPA

It seems that SpaceX is spreading Christmas cheer as it sends up some festive treats to the International Space Station (ISS) on its improved Dragon ship.

However, the unmanned rocket is not only being used to deliver treats. 


The improved Dragon cargo ship allows for 20% more weight to be carried into space, and it seems that a few Christmas items have been stored onboard alongside 4,400 pounds of research. The ship arrives at the International Space Station today, December 7, and it will contain roast turkey and cranberry sauce as well as less festive cargo such as mice and meteorite samples.

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The docking of the capsule will mark the first time that two SpaceX capsules have been at the ISS at the same time. To commemorate this achievement, it seems that the team at SpaceX may have packed some additional festive treats for the companies first ISS-bound passengers.

Kenny Todd of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration responded to questions at a press conference about any gifts being sent up to the astronauts aboard the ISS by stating, ‘Let’s see what happens when they open the hatch… I’m optimistic’. With this in mind, the astronauts who have watched the launch of the Dragon shuttle through a stream will likely be eager to see what’s inside.


While for some a well-roasted turkey will be the ultimate gift, some personal items will likely be joining the astronauts. Exactly what they have received will probably become clear in the coming weeks, after all its best not to open a present before Christmas.

Hopefully, the SpaceX team remembered a gift for the Baby Yoda that joined the crew on the mission.

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