Star Wars Fan Builds His Own Stormtrooper Speeder Bike


Dreams do come true! Someone’s actually gone and made their own Star Wars style Speeder bike.

Well sort of, it doesn’t actually hover and seems about as steady as your drunk best mate on a Saturday night, but it certainly looks the part.

The incredible bike is the work of Vintage Works and is super accurate to the speeder that was first introduced in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

speeder featuredLucasFilm

Looking at the bike, it’s probably not going to be ducking and weaving through the forest of Endor any time soon, but it does make the right noises and the handlebars control the front rudders.

They even went so far as to perfectly recreate the armour that the speeder stormtroopers wear in the movie, which is some next level commitment.

Unfortunately for all you people dreaming of commuting in to work on a speeder, it seems that this is just a one-off and they won’t be making any more – spoilsports.