Steve Jobs Was Born 64 Years Ago Today

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On this day in 1955, the former CEO and co-founder of the largest technology company in the world was born. 

If Steve Jobs was still alive today (February 24), he would have been 64 years old. Not only did he and Steve Wozniak create the tech giant we all know in 1976, he was also responsible for the development of the first personal computers released to the public.

During his time at the Apple, Steve Jobs oversaw the creation of the iPhone and iPad, two of the most popular gadgets of the 21st century. According to Statista, Apple sold 1.4 million first generation iPhones in its first year (2007). Ten years later, Apple sold more than 216 million units worldwide. The company has gone on to sell a total of over one billion iPhones worldwide and remains one of the most popular smartphones in the world.

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It’s not just the iPhone that Steve Jobs had a major part in making a reality. In fact there’s not a single Apple product that hasn’t been influenced by his vision. No matter what you think of Apple products currently on the market, the technology created by Steve Jobs and Apple has impacted every single person around the world in a positive way.

Despite passing away in 2011 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56, his legacy is certainly not going to die any time soon. When Apple Park was opened in Cupertino, California, the main auditorium was named the Steve Jobs Theater, in memory of the former CEO.

Apple Park From Above

Apple Park might be the coolest place to work in the world! 🍎

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Monday, 21 January 2019

Jobs was raised by adopted parents in California and attended high school near Cupertino, near where the Apple Park was built. He presented plans for the new headquarters to colleagues in one of his last public appearances.

The company that he helped to create became the first public company in the world to be valued at a whopping $1trillion. While the value has dropped down to $812 billion in recent times, the company’s rise is an incredible achievement.

Apple’s current CEO paid tributes to Steve last year, saying that his thinking and hard work will “always be the foundation of Apple.”

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