Student Builds His Own Batmobile To Drive Around Campus

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Sep 2020 12:10
Student Builds His Own Batmobile To Drive Around CampusNguyen Dac Chung

While others walk, ride a bike or drive to college, this Vietnamese student built a real-life, working Batmobile. Yes, it comes in black. 

The caped crusader has enjoyed a wide array of on-screen vehicles to patrol Gotham, from Adam West’s modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura to Michael Keaton’s slick, turbine-powered car.


For most people, getting their hands on one of Batman’s iconic supercars will always remain a dream. However, for one student from Hanoi, life quickly imitated art – he built a functional, incredible Batmobile.

Whether it be Comic-Con, Halloween or general cosplay events, transforming yourself into a beloved superhero or fictional character has been commonplace for decades. Sadly, there’s only so far the performance can go without an insane amount of money and/or tech wizardry.

For Nguyen Dac Chung, he was fuelled on passion alone. The 23-year-old became obsessed with the ‘Tumbler’ after watching Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. ‘I was so impressed with the car and I fell in love with it the first time it appeared in the movie,’ he told Vice.


It’s a fully-fledged replica, measuring out at 3.6m long, 2.6m wide and 1.5m high. While it doesn’t come with all the same bells and whistles – machine guns, rocket launchers, mines, an ejectable Batpod – it’s capable of travelling on a straight road at a maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour, with a 400 cubic centimetre engine with four cylinders.

Two people can comfortably ride in the Batmobile, and the doors open upwards just like in the film. Talking to VnExpress International, Nguyen said: ‘A total of six team members worked on this car. I got the idea to construct this car as a first-year student. The car has a bold look and is eye-catching thanks to its all-black body.’

Batmobile VietnamVnExpress International/YouTube

He added: ‘To construct the frame, I had to design a 3D replica based on the movie concept. Honestly, all stages were challenging, though the hardest one was collecting parts. The frame and body were found in Vietnam, but I had to import the tires and some parts.’

For safety, Nguyen’s Batmobile doesn’t have a jet engine like in the film. ‘My car only has the replicated shape and uses a motorbike exhaust pipe,’ he said.

While conceding there were many times where he felt like giving up, he kept thinking ‘back to the reason I started to get motivated… I am really happy to see my brainchild… I am proud of it because of the difficulties I overcame’.

So far, Nguyen has spent more than $21,600 on the car. However, there’s still work to be done on the interior, lighting and other areas.


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