Tank-Like Robot Autonomously Handles Jobs Around The Garden

by : Daniel Richardson on : 23 Nov 2020 11:33
Tank-Like Robot Autonomously Handles Jobs Around The GardenYardroid

Tending to a garden may be seen as a luxury in these trying times, but sometimes the process is a bit too much effort. Fortunately, this tank-like autonomous robot can help. 

The Yardroid robot has a boxy appearance and rolls on tracks, but it doesn’t need a team to control it. Instead, the Yardroid autonomously takes care of a range of garden jobs ranging from blowing leaves, mowing lawns, shooting pesticide and watering plants on its rounds. The invention is currently in a conceptual stage, but with the machine already doing the work, a wider rollout is hoped for next year.


Check out the Yardroid below:


The technology behind the Yardroid takes photographs of the garden so that users can instruct the machine where to target and what tasks to undertake. If users are nervous they can use an application on their phone to control and operate the tank-like robot. The fully-equipped garden helper, which uses water blasts and a pesticide shooter for weeds, also has some unexpected features.

Yardroid has an LED light to scare off large animals, and it also has the ability to refill its water reserves, which can also be used against larger animals. A solar-powered valve can refill the water reserves, and it will drive itself to undertake this process.

autonomous yard helper YouTube/Yardroid

This machine is an impressive feat of engineering, and crowdfunding is expected to begin early next year. A wide release of the machine is predicted to take place in the middle of 2021.

As many would expect the technology comes at a significant price. The Yardroid will set consumers back $2,500. While that may seem like a lot, the technology does appear to save a lot of time, and it can even take care of unpleasant tasks like cleaning bird droppings. For some these abilities will be priceless, while others may prefer to take care of the garden personally.

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