Teen Beauty Blogger Told To ‘Kill Herself’ Over Without Make-Up Selfies

by : UNILAD on : 05 Dec 2017 18:33
Victoria Katei / Instagram

An influencer on Instagram has been hounded by online trolls, telling her to ‘kill herself’, after posting a no make-up selfie.


19-year-old Victoria Katei has over 51k followers on Instagram, but she was subjected to a torrent of abuse for posting pictures of herself wearing no make-up, with some people accusing her of lying to her fan base.

In response to her nasty critics, the chemistry student from Houston, Texas reposted one of her make-up free pictures alongside one of her ‘signature looks’.

She wrote in the post description:


Accounts have been posting pictures of me with make-up versus no make-up telling me I’m a catfish and that I’m hideous.

People in the comments telling me to kill myself because I’m lying about my looks. Telling me that no one will love me because I’m so ugly and have to cover my “real face”.

Disgruntled people took to social media in an attempt to call out Katei labelling her a ‘b*tch’ in ‘a mask’.


One person on Instagram used Katei’s posts as a catalyst for their own ‘trust issues’, writing:

This is what make-up can do. Scary.

This the reason I got trust issues…for now on y’all females first date gonna be with me at a pool so I can see the real you.

Victoria hit back at the irrational comments and online trolls who claimed she was trying to pose as someone she wasn’t, writing:

I love the way I look in makeup and out of makeup.

I don’t wear makeup to hide or to “catfish” people because I don’t give a sh*t what any guy or girl has to say about what I look.

Makeup is a passion of mine and this is the platform I choose to express that and if you don’t feel like that feel free to unfollow because I’m never going to apologise for being me.


Good on you Victoria, keeping doing what you’re doing and pay no mind to those digital trolls.

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