Tesla Will Unveil Its Model Y SUV On March 14th

Tesla to launch Model YPA

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced his company’s SUV crossover will be unveiled for the first time on March 14.

The latest electric car will join the likes of the Model 3, Model S, Model X and the original Roadster in the company’s collection.

Specs and pricing are all expected to be revealed at the event being held at the company’s design studio in Los Angeles.

Musk revealed in a tweet on Sunday the car is an SUV which will be 10 per cent bigger than Tesla’s most affordable car, the Model 3. He also said the car will have slightly less range, as well as costing 10 per cent more.

At the event there’ll also be the option to have a test ride, meaning the company already has prototypes of the car built.

According to The Verge, the Model Y will share about 75 per cent of its parts with the Model 3. The car won’t have Falcon Wing doors which can be found on Tesla’s bigger SUV, the Model X.

The announcement comes just a few days after it was revealed the company was bringing out a cheaper version of the Model 3. You can now buy a ‘standard range’ version of the popular car for just $35,000.

Tesla also announced last week it was transitioning all sales to online-only, which will lead to the closure of a lot of the company’s showrooms.

Musk also announced on Sunday (March 3), Tesla will be unveiling its new electric Pickup later this year.

When one twitter user asked if the ‘Model Y was the truck’, Musk replied the unveil for that car is ‘later this year’.

The all-new Tesla Truck is expected to go into production after the Model Y in 2020.

The Model Y will be built at the company’s Gigafactory in Nevada, US, with the vehicle set to go into mass production next year.

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