Tesla’s New ‘Dog Mode’ Lets You Know If Your Pet’s Ok In The Car

tesla dog mode@Tesla/Twitter

Elon Musk is nothing if not an innovator; but apparently he’s got a soft side for man’s best friend as well as extra terrestrial AI too.

Tesla has just introduced their newest innovation. It’s not a micro chip on which you can store your thoughts, or a 3400-wheeler truck powered by alien brain matter. Nope. It’s actually super practical.

It’s called Dog Mode and it can be installed in all Tesla vehicles through a software update.

In short, it’s a little screen displayed in the car which, when you’ve had to leave your dog in the vehicle to nip to get him some jerky sticks, lets passersby know your dog is okay. Even cooler – literally – the feature can keep the air-conditioning running.

When in Dog Mode the car’s centre screen will show the cabin temperature, as well as this message:

My owner will be back soon.

Never mind a trip to Mars, the dogs of Earth have finally got the technological solution they deserve! And the interface is adorable, showing a little white balloon pooch which looks a lot like the canine Baymax.

Tesla told people how to enable Dog Mode, in its release notes:

To enable Dog Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when your car is parked. Set Keep Climate On to DOG, make adjustments within temperature limits, then leave knowing your pet will stay comfortable.

Dog Mode will stay on after you leave your car. If you your battery reaches less than 20% charge, you will receive a notification on your mobile app.

The idea comes from a Twitter user last year, who asked Elon Musk if he could implement the feature in future cars. Musk simply replied, ‘Yes’. Well, he does follow through.

At the same time, Tesla announced its new Sentry Mode, which does what it says on the carbon fibre tin, to be honest.

When switched on, the security feature puts the car on standby mode and continually monitors its nearby surroundings with external cameras.

It’s just the latest in great add-ons Tesla owners are treated to including Atari video games, a drawing board, a holiday app, and romance mode, which features a crackling fireplace, sensual music, and blasting heaters.

There’s also a Whoopee cushion icon which – you guessed it – allows the gear-head prankster among you to engage Fart Mode.

Is there anything Musk and his cronies over at Tesla haven’t thought of?

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