The Days Of Crap Smartphone Battery Life May Be Over


With the invention of a new type of battery, the days of needing to beg, borrow and steal a phone charger off mates may be coming to an end.

​The Chinese tech company Huawei have invented a battery which charges 10 times faster than a normal battery and retains its charge for longer, that’s good news for people addicted to their phones.

Tech wizards at the company developed the design using something called heteroatoms, which apparently allows for a faster transfer of energy without damaging battery life.

In a video demonstration of two prototypes, the company charged a low capacity battery to 68 per cent in two minutes and a bigger battery charged to 48 per cent in just five minutes. The larger battery could reportedly provide up to 10 hours of talk time according to the firm.

Huawei released a statement, saying:

This breakthrough in quick charging batteries will lead to a new revolution in electronic devices, especially with regard to mobile phones, electric vehicles, wearable devices, and mobile power supplies.

Currently poor battery life is the limiting factor on making smart phones, tablets and other portable devices faster.

The invention of better batteries means that we can expect to see the next generation of hand held device get even faster, what a great excuse to stare at your phone that little bit longer.