The Haunting Last Tweets Celebrities Sent Before They Died


Would you like your most recent tweet to be the last stamp you leave on the virtual world?

Although our tweets are by no means the most important things we will leave behind, sometimes they can be the most poignant.

This is no better illustrated than with the final tweets of deceased public figures, who sometimes inadvertently leave their fans with lasting messages after their deaths, ranging from the chilling to the heart-warming.


Amy Winehouse, singer (1983-2011)

As in the tragic case of Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, some final tweets can give a snapshot insight into the psychological states of some of our most loved icons.

Paul Walker, actor (1973-2013)

Sometimes, family and friends of celebrities who passed away keep their social media presences live in order to promote foundations and fundraising platforms set up in their names.

Paul Walker, on the promotional tour for Fast and Furious 7, tweeted this photo of him and his fellow cast members before he was killed in a car crash.

Eerily, just a day earlier, he retweeted the Fast and Furious franchise account, saying ‘When you live fast there’s no definite set of rules’.


Robin Williams, actor (1951-2014)

Some Twitter accounts are deleted by the family after their loss.

Robin Williams’s final tweet left final warm wishes to his daughter Zelda on her birthday.


Reeva Steenkamp, model (1983-2013)

Some last tweets, with the horror of hindsight are utterly haunting. Take this message from Reeva Steenkamp, the South African model who was fatally shot by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius.

On the same day, she also retweeted a message raising awareness that hopes to end violence against women.

michael clarke duncan-gettyimages-114809254Getty

Michael Clarke Duncan, actor (1957-2012)

Some celebrities share fleeting moments of joy with their fans, allowing us to remember them well.


Ryan Dunn, stunt performer and actor (1977-2011)

Ryan Dunn’s last tweet, which promoted his then new series, illustrates how the young Jackass star was taken too early in the prime of his career.

leonard_nimoy_5774458356Gage Skidmore

Leonard Nimoy, actor (1931-2015)

The Star Trek actor left us with some poignant words.

Joan Rivers, comedian (1933-2014)

Joan Rivers, the iconic comedian made us all laugh with her last tweet.

Gene Wilder, actor (1933-2016)

The actor joined Twitter in 2013, and only ever sent four tweets, explaining that he was new to the social media hype. Wilder’s Twitter bio reads, ‘Too old for twitter, too young to die!’

Muhammed Ali, boxer and activist (1942-2016)

The folks behind Muhammed Ali’s Twitter account shared a photo of The Champ, taken from ringside, just one day before his struggle with Parkinson’s came to its sad end.

However, using the hashtag #AliTweets, The Champ himself took to Twitter for the last time a month earlier to say happy birthday to none other than Bono, praising him for his philanthropy – something close to Ali’s own heart.

Prince, pop icon (1958-2016)

The Purple Rain singer was still making and releasing music at the time of his death.

These public figures will be remembered for their talent – not their tweets. All the same it’s nice to have messages directly from those we admire before they pass away.