The Karlmann King Is A $2 Million Ultra-Luxury SUV

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Apr 2019 20:43
Karlmann King is the most luxurious SUV in the world.Karlmann King is the most luxurious SUV in the world.Karlmann King

From the outside, it resembles a colossal, futuristic diamond, with the interior proving fittingly lavish.


With a starting price of $2 million (£1.6 million), the Karlmann King is the most expensive and luxurious SUV on the market; bulky yet beautiful, tough yet precious.

It’s modelled upon a stealth fighter, and built upon a Ford F-550, and it wouldn’t look at all out of place parked up in Batman’s cave.

Weighing over 13,000 pounds, this mighty car is a matte-finished, bullet-proof monster, imposing and impossible to ignore.

Karlmann King is the most luxurious SUV in the world.Karlmann King is the most luxurious SUV in the world.Karlmann King

The interior of the Karlmann King is something else entirely, supplying comforts more reminiscent of an opulent private jet or a five-star hotel room than something roadbound.

As well as a 40-inch television, PlayStation 4 and integrated laptops, the Karlmann King includes a champagne stocked refrigerator, bar, crystal glasses and a Nespresso coffee machine.

There is also mood lighting which can be adjusted depending on how the discerning millionaire might be feeling that day.

Find out more about this masterpiece in car design below:

According to the Karlmann King website:

Karlmann King, a high-end custom made SUV, a ground “stealth” fighter, is created by a top automobile design team from Europe, combining with the top vehicle craftsmanship in Europe, intended to bring an unprecedented visual feast and driving experience to the global car enthusiast.


Sadly for any petrol heads still harbouring superhero dreams, this vehicle is extremely exclusive, with the cars being built to order on a very limited basis.

The company have stated they will only be manufacturing nine of these gorgeous cars, so don’t expect to see any parked up at your local garage any time soon.

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