The Most Hated Man On The Internet’s Week Gets Worse With Epic Twitter Hack

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2015 09:45

It’s fair to say the ‘most hated man on the internet’ hasn’t had the best of times in the last week… and now it’s got a whole lot worse.

Martin Shkreli – former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals – is facing fraud charges and had to resign as CEO in a week he will want to forget, but now he’s had his Twitter account hacked, just to make things even better…


A hacker took to his account and offered to give away all his money, just hours after Shkreli pleaded his innocence on Twitter.


Before people realised Shkreli got hacked, it looked like he had gone all Kanye and got a bit of God complex too…


It even looked like he had got in the festive spirit and wanted to give his beloved Wu-Tang Clan album away…


I don’t think this one needs explaining…


The hacker seemed to have a pretty strong message for Shkreli too…

This guy became famous for all the wrong reasons after putting the price of an Aids drug up by 5,000% and just being a general prick about it all, whilst flaunting his wealth on the web.

Shkreli, 32, was arrested on fraud charges on Thursday and released on bail, but he has actively defended his business practices on Twitter, stating that the allegations against him were ‘baseless’.

AP/Craig Ruttle

He then stepped down as CEO of Turing on Friday after he was charged with securities fraud, securities fraud conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy related to his management of hedge fund MSMB Capital Management and biopharmaceutical company Retrophin Inc. The maximum sentence he could face is 20 years in prison.

In his first interview since he was charged on Thursday for allegedly misleading investors, Shkreli was back on the offensive, telling The Wall Street Journal that he had been targeted by police because of his highly-crticised drug hikes and O.T.T. persona online… Get over yourself mate.

It will be interesting to see how all this turns out…

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